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Sapoty's Holistic Energy Manifesto

Since my late teens I have watched oil depletion and greenhouse warming looming ever closer. I once felt confident that humanity would make the switch to renewable energy in time to avert disaster. From the perspective of the seventies there was plenty of time. As a physicist and electrical engineer I felt a challenge and responsibility to engage in the process of technological adaptation. After all, it was my professional predecessors who created the energy systems that are causing most greenhouse gas emissions.

I left the corporate world, where I was a senior communications engineer and then a university research scientist, and moved to the countryside, lived a solar community lifestyle, and developed solar devices including a human-solar powered three wheel vehicle. I also changed my diet in 1980, when I was 27, to raw food to reflect my commitment to a healthy, natural, packaging- and cooking-free, sustainable lifestyle.

After developing the CaPNaK Chart, which enables people to use food to intentionally influence their tissue (acid-alkaline) and body fluid (yin-yang) physiology, I wrote a book titled Eco-Eating. This book, on the raw food lifestyle, and the CaPNaK Chart have had a significant impact on the burgeoning international raw food movement.

Sapoty Brook

Since the publication of Eco-Eating in 1996 I have taken a more active role in promoting raw food and marketing informational media with the aid of my web site. I have also promoted and marketed electric bicycles and scooters. However, I have become increasingly aware of the resistance to change by vested interests and a significant share of the general population.

It is a sad fact that as people age many would rather die than change their ways. So I now accept that change pivots on social and political momentum and the adaptability of the young, and I am committed to social and political activism for change.

So now the World has gone well beyond the threshold where change to post-carbon technologies could be evolutionary. Science is issuing dire warnings of immanent collapse of climate systems and living systems, and food supplies are threatened.

Humankind is struggling to wake from its sleep-walk towards the brink of climate catastrophe. Political and social action is gaining momentum, but not enough. Now the time has come for us all to accelerate the transformation of global culture towards a post-carbon society.

My expertise lies in food and transport realms which account for over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.

My intention is to combine raw food and electric transport training into holistic energy training, and to continue innovation of new systems and devices supporting the transition.

Do you want to learn, and engage in, a post-carbon lifestyle? Do you want to know how your whole energy lifestyle can shift from petrochemical to electro-organic systems to give you increased freedom and glowing health?

Come now to experience this holistic switch at and and step into a joyful future. You are invited to transform your inner and outer energy sources from petro-chemicals to electro-organics. You will be guided through an experiential learning process to a high level of familiarity with raw eating and electric mobility.

You are invited to join with us online. Engage with us in events and discussions and workshops taking one step at a time towards an economically and ecologically sustainable, healthy and secure, electro-organic future.

Sapoty Brook BSc.(Melb) BElecEng.(Monash) MSc.(Deakin)

Postscript: A portion of the profits from eco-eating and beyond-oil contribute to experimental innovations intended to fundamentally transform transportation with zero-emission, renewable energy systems: Excusertech.


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