You will find here 30 years of raw wisdom, understanding, and experience from Sapoty Brook, MSc.
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If you want to consult me or have a food log analysed please make your payment before contacting me.

You can email me at

If you have problems with English please use Google Translate.

Our postal address is:

Attn: Mr Sapoty Brook
PO Box 352
Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Physical Address:
12/941 Main Arm Rd
Main Arm NSW 2482

Tel: +61 407 213 267, but the audio is much better on Skype: user id sapotyb.
Please note that I have a genetic hearing challenge

(my ears operate on dial-up, so your speech takes a while to reach my brain?).
Skype Chat is also an excellent way to discuss things with text.

If telephoning or chatting I am generally available between 10am to 9pm local time:

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