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Eco-Eating Level 4

Experience the
Eco-eating Raw Food Training
without leaving home.

Did you set out with serious intentions to dramatically increase your raw food intake, but soon felt dissatisfied, distracted, or your World got in the way?

training video opening  Decades ago the raw food author, Ross Horne, who introduced me to the health benefits of raw food, complained how he went to a natural health retreat and gave the keynote address. He explained the physiological benefits of raw food in great detail and the audience was very receptive. Next morning he went to the dining room for breakfast and almost everyone was eating their usual dead food diet.

Ultimately, successful learning must be experientially based so that actual new behaviours are physically and emotionally learned. With this in mind we have created a video training program designed for you to experientially learn the eco-eating raw food methods and CaPNaK System.

When the preparation of exotic raw food dishes is emphasised too much you can get lost in time consuming details.The emphasis of this training is on simplicity and efficiency. When you have tasted both the simple and the complex you have more choices for your own raw food lifestyle.

training video opening more To learn how you can use the Eco-eating Raw Food Training video set to master raw food and the uses of the CaPNaK Chart first read the DVD package images below:

training video front cover

Click an Image to enlarge it:

training video back cover

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training video inside

This training is a four day process. Choose four days when you are not too busy and will have time to learn and focus and not be disturbed, distracted, or seduced by the dominant food culture.

The training consists of four videos, each about one hour long. They are titled: Introduction; Day One; Day Two; and Day Three. Each of the two DVDs contains two of these videos.

training video DVDs

We created the introductory video to help you prepare for the experience So start by watching the introduction: it goes for about one hour. It may help you if you take notes of important points.

You will need to print at least four copies of the the Eco-eating Food Log. Download it here (if you cannot open the .doc file use the pdf version):

Free Download Food Log you can maybe type into (doc format)

Free Download Food Log (pdf format)

A Completed Example Food Log (pdf format)

You will be referring to the CaPNaK Chart often during this training. A copy is included in the physical package and in the download files.

It is also a good idea to purchase the book, eco-eating, to read during your four day training. That will support your learning process, but is not essential.

kitchen scales  If you don't have kitchen scales (a food weighing machine) you should buy or borrow one because knowing the quantities of foods is very important. Just saying "a lot", means very different things to different people. Many people who say "I eat a lot of fruit" actually mean they eat one piece per day!

The day before you start the process, buy the food according to the guidelines provided in the introductory video.

Next you are ready to start day one. At the start of each day assemble the food you plan to eat that day(as instructed in the introductory video) then watch the video for that day.

Keep your food log during the day, then in the evening review the video and your food log. When you see ways you can improve your eating make a note to work on those improvements for the next day.

jumping for joy 

By day four you will have a deeper experiential understanding of CaPNaK principles and raw nutrition. You will have a feeling of wellbeing. Your digestive tract will be clear of previous meals and supplying your body with energy and vitality. Your skin will be clearer, and so will your mind. You will be in a state of raw empowerment.

There is no video for day four. Use day four to FEEL what it like to be RAW. Also make realistic decisions and resolutions about concrete changes you want to make around food and eating in your life. Write them down on paper and display them in your kitchen as a reminder.

If you benefit greatly from the training, which I expect you will, please tell your friends about your experience and refer them to this eco-eating web site. Please honour the considerable work that we have put into making this video training by not giving or lending your copy. We need to receive payment so that we can continue to help people and spread the word about living simply raw.

friends meeting
Video links

Only PAL format is available right now. NTSC format will be available soon for North & Central America, Japan, and Philippines. If you are downloading the videos then the PAL/NTSC question is irrelevant.

If you are in a hurry, your internet connection is fast enough and your bandwidth big enough, you can choose to download the training videos (totaling four hours of video in MPeg mp4 format). You can then save to your hard disc or compact discs. The MPeg files are stored in ZIP files.

training video DVDs Files converted to MP4 format from these DVDs.

Download Eco-Eating Raw Food Training including CaPNaK Chart
files (324+333+331+392 MB A$49.95)>
       Pay with Paymate Express

Be Aware that when you get to the download links you must download all of the files before you close the browser window. You will not be able to return to the download links page a second time. Depending on your download speed you will need to leave the computer online for between 1 hour and overnight.

UnZip the Zip files and extract the MPeg files by clicking on them, you can download free PeaZip for Windows or Linux if necessary. If you have a Mac just double click the ZIP file to unZip it.

DVD Package

If you are willing to wait a few weeks you can order mail delivery of the two DVDs in their package. There is also a copy of the CaPNaK Chart included in the package.

Includes Two DVDs and colour CaPNaK Chart. training video

Eco-Eating Raw Food Training DVD Set
(1390 MB A$62.50)>
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My love and gratitude go to my raw-eating, filmmaking wife, Sharon Shostak, for her dedication, patience, and artistry in filming and editing these videos.


Workshops near your location

autumn street Would you like us to come to your city/state/country to guide you into the skills of eco-eating with the CaPNaK system? We are happy to work with you to create a raw food training weekend retreat for people in your area. Please email me to express your interest, location, and contact details. I will get back to you.

(or here around Byron Bay, Australia).

cape byron

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