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I read your book "Eco-Eating" 2 months ago, after being raw for about 3 months. At that point, I still had the "fear of fruit" -- a holdover from my macrobiotic years, and from a raw food consultant who is from the Hippocrates school of thought. I started eating more greens, and fruit for my calories, and my well-being just shot through the roof. So I want to thank you. You are a sane, rational and scientific voice in the raw food movement, something that is badly needed.

Mark L., USA.


GREAT!! book Ecoeating. It was a joy to read. I very much like the way you present the material and the research you have done. A work of art really.

More fruitful healthful power to you!

David Jonas, Sydney



Sapoty's book EcoEating is a brave attempt at a subject few of us dare to contemplate; the complete change of diet to raw foods. However unlike other raw food books I have read, he approaches the subject with a blend of science, experience and humnour that I have seen nowhere else. This
isn't just a book telling you of someone's experiences. This book is the result of a mountain of work, and is based on a system Sapoty has personally evolved, yet its foundation is set firmly in the science of acid/alkaline balance.

What you get is a book that really helps you to overcome the addiction we all have for cooked and acidic foods. I have yet to read a better book on the subject.

Ian Blair Hamilton


It gets my highest ratings-up there with John Robbins's work and "Sunfood Diet Success System"-but shorter and more food science specific.
Kudos, truly.

Primarily frugivorous Doug

Later: I've kind of fallen of the raw wagon. But I still highly recommend your book to people who are interested in raw foods.



I read about it in Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System book? Actually I've studied it a lot including the generous information that you have posted on your web site. It makes a lot of sense. I've even analyzed our current diet against the chart and have modified our diet to be more in balance. Wonderful chart!!!

We just completed Richard Anderson's Arise and Shine intestinal cleanse and have transitioned to a 75% plus raw food diet. We released a lot of plaque, lost a lot of fat and are feeling great!


Glenn Yoshimoto


NOTE OF THANK YOU! I have followed your chart, and everyday I make sure I go to sleep in a alkline state regrardless of what I eat. I HAVE FOUND A NEW ME INSIDE OF ME!! No more afternoon naps required, no more lack of memory, no more lost keys, no more "not knowning the answer" actually got 100% on a Goverment test I took! That was a first for me! And the test director said very few get 100%. So at this Holiday season of thankfullness, I just wanted to share with you a great big "Thank you" for changing my life.

Keep up the good work!

Robert Simpson
Detroit MI, USA


Dear Sapoty,
Last march at The Channon market fortune came my way when you introduced me to " eco eating "
I have followed your suggestions and much to my delight and the surprise of friends :
- My energy levels has increased
- I have lost 10 Kilos
- Most importantly I am now more relaxed and confident.

Thanks and regards

Keith Biffin


Dear Sapoty,
Funny that I bumped into your website just now. Back in 2000 I bought several copies of your book and sold them at my raw food restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada. I read Eco Eating back then, but found that without much support I did not solidify the practice, and became a raw food junkie instead. Now, over 10 years later, slid back to eating cooked foods, but still eating primarily salads and fruit, I am acutely aware, that I need a better solution. No dangerous health challenges, yet, but I don't want to wait for them. So finding your book again is giving me this super bright spark, and I'm going to fly with it! Finding your videos is even more helpful, which I'm going to watch a few times.
Thank you very much for staying online to serve humanity. Much blessings,
Aranka Shkolnikova [Canada]


"Natural health book readers -prepare to be surprised! In Eco Eating you will find a careful investigative approach, rational thinking, intellectual honesty, a willingness to make adjustments as circumstances dictate, an absence of idealistic dogma, and no irrelevant or misleading citations. You will also find a warm friendly tone, and a sense of humour.

If you have become disillusioned with the lack of the above in all fields of natural health literature, read Eco
Eating. It doesn't have absolutely all the answers yet and it doesn't claim to. It is a book intended to benefit us and our planet, not to create misinformed, credulous, emaciated, guilt-ridden crackpots. It made me consider the possibility that a predominantly raw food diet just might be both feasible and desirable, and I have been gradually incorporating the ideas into my own life, with excellent results."


-Michelle Claire


Thanks for the email.... it reminded me to THANK YOU for all your research in prep. for your book! I've been eating mostly raw for three years now. I just had my third baby... first on rawfoods! This was my first good pregnancy, which made it possible for us to have the homebirth we dreamed of. I've told several people about your book, and how it changed my life.
Now, if I can just get my husband to go raw :)



just want you to know that i am feeling great, both physically and spiritually, and feel like the raw food thing is definately contributing to my overall sense of well just makes so much to say it is quite difficult being gentle with people around me as i try to explain the reasons behind what i am doing!!!!
once again, thanks.....
yours in all fruitfulness


I really enjoyed your book and have posted the CaPNaK chart on my refrigerator and
refer to it often! It also coincides with some material I'm reading from other books, which
is really neat!



I've been raw food (vegan) eater for 4 and a half years now. I find the information in your book very interesting and helpful, especially the CaPNaK chart. I have slowly moved from eating grains and sprouted beans to a fruit, greens, nuts and seeds based diet. Dropping out grains and sprouts three years ago was a tramendous improvement in my overall well-being. Also getting rid of spices, salt and other condiments made me feel much better. These days I eat very simple dishes, two or three incredients at a time. Right now I cannot stomach as much food as you recommend to maintain my body weight, especially some sweet fruit cause sugar high. The less I eat the better I feel. But this too variates. Sometimes I eat a lot of fats and meet my calory requirments easily (I run and do weight training daily). And sometimes I go for weeks without fats and greens eating only melons and other watery fruit. All in all I feel good and full of energy.

Mika Ripatti


After our Live-in Raw Food Training:

I feel very light and easy eating this way. It feels very healthy, and so far I don't feel any craving for cooked food. I never knew I could make such diverse salads ... so many interesting and delicious combinations of raw vegetables...

My digestive system is working very smoothly, and I don't feel the heaviness after eating, or the bloated discomfort that I sometimes feel. I feel a lot clearer and more energetic, even after three days only.

This has been a good (although short) experience of a different lifestyle of eating. I've learnt a lot from Sapoty and Sharon, and I thank the whole family for having me. I will definitely apply this to my future eating habits.

Lisa Waldbaum,


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