You will find here 30 years of raw wisdom, understanding, and experience from Sapoty Brook, MSc.
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Choose which levels of understanding of the eco-eating system you want to go to:
Information on these levels is provided below. You can take a step-by-step approach by starting at level 1 and study ing one level at a time. Or you may prefer to jump in at the deeper end with levels 3 and 4.

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Eco-Eating Level 1 Read the Key Information on this web site.
Eco-Eating Level 2 The CaPNaK Chart on a Poster or downloaded image file
The Eco-Eating Key Information Audio CD or download
Eco-Eating Level 3 The Eco-Eating book File on CD or download
The Eco-eating Raw Food Revolution DVD or download
Eco-Eating Level 4

The Eco-eating Raw Food Training DVD Set or download <New
The Eco-eating Raw Food Training Retreat

Eco-Eating Level 5 The Eco-eating Trainer Training
Other Services Your Email or Telephone Consultation Service
Your Email Food Log Analysis
Also some local services for raw food students.

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Eco-Eating Level 1 is free: see Key Information Golden Key

Eco-Eating Level 2

The CaPNaK Chart Poster or download image file
(sometimes known as Eco-eating for Ecstasy)

The CaPNaK Chart was first presented in Sapoty's eco-eating book and on this web site. Subsequently the famous raw food promoter, David Wolfe, acquired the rights to feature it in his best selling book "Sunfood Diet Success System". However the detailed symptoms and benefits charts were not described by David Wolfe in his book. Without this information many readers have only a rudimentary knowledge of the uses of the CaPNaK Chart. Many people have benefited greatly by using the CaPNaK Chart properly. You will too if you study it and apply it in your eco-eating life.

Blurred Thumnail of CaPNaK Chart

The CaPNaK Chart is available as a downloadable jpeg file. This also includes an explanation file with the crucial symptoms and benefits charts. The downloadable version is for viewing on-screen and is too large to print. If you want a printed copy see below.

The CaPNaK Chart is subject to copyright and may only be copied to the purchaser's computer unless agreed otherwise. Distribution of the CaPNaK Chart is not permitted.

Via Download:

For a secure credit card order to download the CaPNaK Chart as a jpg image file and the symptoms and benefits charts use the following via credit card payment. You will be sent to a download web page. Price A$6.80 for download of the CaPNaK Chart files. 

Download CaPNaK Chart files(1 MB)>  click image below       Pay with Paymate Express


As a Large Colour Poster:

The CaPNaK Chart is available as a large colour poster. You can laminate it and pin it on your kitchen wall.

This comes with an explanation sheet with symptoms and benefits charts.

Price A$8.50;   plus outside Australia: A$5 for postage & handling. Provided folded flat.

For a secure credit card order use the following Add to Cart button to place the order and finalise it with the checkout at the bottom of this page.

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click image   

Key Information Audio CD

To revise and reinforce the ideas you need to learn, listen to the Key Information of eco-eating on an audio CD or downloaded MP3 file. This audio is basically the same information as on the Key Information page of this website. By having it in audio form you can listen to it while driving or play it to a friend. The audio is an introduction to the eco-eating style of raw eating and is approximately 60 minutes of audio.

I strongly recommend that you also purchase a copy of the CaPNaK Chart colour poster, or jpg file download, including the detailed Symptoms and Benefits Diagrams. That will give you a clearer understanding of the process of Eco-Eating.

When you are ready to learn more about the how, when, where, and why of eco-eating and the CaPNaK Chart you can progess to Eco-Eating Level 3 and read the book (see below).

Via Download:

Price A$16.90 For eco-eating audio file (MP3 format). Don't forget to download the CaPNaK Chart.

Download Eco-Eating Audio file (58 MB)>  click image below      Pay with Paymate Express

On Audio CD:

Price A$21.10;   plus outside Australia: A$5 for postage & handling.Audio CD

For a secure credit card order use the following Add to Cart button to place the order and finalise it with the checkout at the bottom of this page.

Add to OrderOrder Eco-Eating Audio CD>click image  

Eco-Eating Level 3

The book Eco-Eating on CD Rom or Download File

eco-eating book
The famous international raw food teacher, David Wolfe, wrote that for him eco-eating was one of three key books on raw food.

The book has 50 small chapters on eating for different aspects for everyday life. For example there are chapters on eating for immunity, eating for digestion, energy, weight gain, weight loss, cooling, warming, eating for the seasons, eating for cravings, addictions, travel, sleep, work, sport, action, sex, eating for the environment, and eating for a new society. These are just a few of the chapters you can read and enjoy. A small black and white version of the CaPNaK Chart and tables of CaPNaK symptoms and benefits are included.

The book is presently out of print.

Here you can get a replica of the pages as a pdf format file. It is available below on CD ROM or as a download. Having it on file enables you to search the text. You may print out one copy if you wish. (You may make one backup copy of the CD or the downloaded files)


You can download the book as a pdf file now via credit card payment: you will be sent to a download web page.

Download the book pdf files (32 MB A$20.60)(Click on image)>          Pay with Paymate Express

PDF File on CD:

Price A$25.70 for CD ROM of the book; plus outside Australia: A$5 for postage & handling.

For a secure credit card order of the CD ROM use the following Add to Cart button to place the order and finalise it with the checkout at the bottom of this page.

Add to Order                 Download Table of Contents Free (.doc file)

book on CD      CD of the book pdf files > click image  


The Eco-eating Raw Food Revolution Video

The Eco-eating DVD is available in PAL and NTSC (USA) formats.

This is a 72 minute videoed talk about eco-eating and includes new information and ideas. It contains the most detailed overview of the benefits and use of the CaPNaK Chart. This video is a must for anyone wishing to fully understand the CaPNaK Chart. Also it should be watched by anyone intending to do the Eco-eating Raw Food Training.It can be useful to introduce beginners and curious on-lookers to the principles and practices of eco-eating.

Click on the image to enlarge and read it.
raw food revolution front      raw food revolution back

Download Eco-Eating Raw Food Revolution
files (468 MB A$26.36)
click image  Pay with Paymate Express

To order the DVD use the following Add to Cart button to place the order and finalise it with the checkout at the bottom of this page.

Add to Order Eco-Eating Raw Food Revolution DVD(A$29.95)> plus postage & handling.

Eco-Eating Level 4

Eco-Eating Raw Food Training

With this training you can profoundly change your health and energy, and break old destructive habits and conditioning.

This is a focused, in-depth training where you will learn how, and become empowered, to influence your body and mind with food. You can do the training with your video at home, or at a weekend retreat with like-minded people.

purple blossom tree

For more information follow the link below to the experiential training page where you will be able to purchase the training video set or express your interest in a weekend-workshop.

experiential training
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Eco-Eating Level 5

Eco-Eating Raw Food Trainer Training

If you are interested in being trained as an Eco-Eating Trainer, click to express your interest in an email.

Other Services

Email or Telephone Consultation Service

Most people find it difficult initially settling into a raw food diet. I would like to help you do this, or at least help you try raw food. You can consult me by email or phone, my minimum fee is A$30.

I am a raw food health consultant with an interest in prevention of disease: if you need advice relating to a disease you should consult a disease practitioner, and also use preventative methods too. When you consult a disease practitioner be sure to find out the long-term side effects of the potentially toxic substances they prescribe for you. Then you can evaluate whether the cure is worse than the disease...

If you have a web cam and can contact me via Skype (sapotyb) you can have an audio-visual consultation.

To pay A$30 by credit card click herePay with Paymate Express

Food Log Analysis

energy head

A great way to learn how to stabilise your raw food diet is to keep a food log. Keeping a food log focuses your attention and awareness on what you eat. You record what you eat, the time you ate it, and how you feel before and after eating.

Email me your one day's food log as an attachment and I will review, analyse and append comments to it . I usually spend at least 45 minutes doing this and charge A$30 (about US$25) per food log per person. You can download the food log form from the experiential training page.

To pay A$30 by credit card click here Pay with Paymate Express

Individual Training Retreat
near Byron Bay

Those wishing to receive individual training in raw food directly from me can arrange to stay in our family home in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia. We have basic accommodation for one person or a couple.

There is a daily food charge of A$20 and option for either 3 hours daily work or further daily payment of A$40 for accommodation. We recommend a minimum stay of four days to learn the essentials of well balanced raw eating. Please email me if you are interested. Cape Byron
"Sapoty's simple no fuss approach to eating raw means you never have to prepare, clean, cook or put the trash out again! I now have more time for me, and more vitality to do the things I love. I can even continue eating raw having confidence that at my ideal weight, I'm able to maintain it and never go hungry again. Plus all my food purchases now support local organic businesses. Sapoty's research and development of the CapNaK Chart and Eco-eating book and website take all the guess work out of what to eat, why and when. I now use these on a daily basis and recommend them to all my clients. Thankyou Sapoty for your passion and committment to the raw food healthy lifestyle." Jacinta Stevenson, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.

Wildly Raw Accommodation: (currently available, Australia)

I have a very basic rawfooder's hut (ecome) with no kitchen facilities, by the ocean near Coffs Harbour (500 km north of Sydney, Australia), which you may wish to rent (total about $50 per week). If so, please email or phone me to enquire further.

The ecome photos here show a grass floor. That has been replaced with a stone paved floor because I don't get there enough to keep the grass watered. There are still plants growing out of the sloping walls. There is a solar shower and solar lighting. The ecome is submerged below ground level and has a gutter around the edge of the floor which is drained down the hill.

There is no kitchen or interior walls. Grapes and passion fruit hang from the roof inside.The double bunk bed and bookshelf hangs from the rafters so that white ants cannot get to it. The toilet is composting bin-style and there are fruit trees in the (overgrown) garden area. The ocean and surf is five minutes walk away. The ecome is on an alternative community of about 150 people and is surrounded by a national park.

inside the ecome

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experiential training
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